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The new insulin injection pen has been approved in China to meet the needs of children for precise injection

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The new insulin injection pen has been approved in China to meet the needs of children for precise injection

The new insulin injection pen has been approved in China to meet the needs of children for precise injection

  Novo Nordisk recently announced that novo pen Ariel had been approved in China. This is an insulin injection pen with memory function and a minimum dose of 0.5 units, which meets the needs of children with diabetes for accurate insulin injection, helps children patients and their families better manage diabetes, and significantly improves the safety and effectiveness of insulin injection.

  Epidemiological survey data show that over the past 20 years, 90% of children and adolescents with diabetes in China have type 1 diabetes (T1DM), and the incidence of T1DM children under the age of 15 has increased nearly fourfold. It is worth noting that with the increasing improvement of people's living standards, the incidence of type 2 diabetes (T2DM) in China is also gradually getting younger, and the incidence of children and adolescents is significantly increasing. Obesity and poor lifestyle are one of the important reasons for this trend.

  As children and adolescents are smaller than adults, they often need to strictly adjust the dose of insulin injection according to age, weight and blood sugar, with the accuracy of 0.5 units. Accurate injection dose can help to control blood glucose and avoid hypoglycemia events as much as possible. The guidelines for insulin treatment of type 1 diabetes in China (2016 edition) pointed out that insulin treatment is one of the main treatment methods for children and adolescents with diabetes. The guidelines recommend that initial doses of insulin injection should start at 0.4~0.5U/kg for children and adolescents. However, at present, insulin injection pens in the domestic market are usually unable to fully meet the needs of children and adolescent patients, lacking 0.5 dose of injection unit or memory function, resulting in patients' blood sugar often cannot be controlled precisely, and the phenomenon of insulin omission or repeated injection cannot be ignored.

  A study of open label, multi-center, and multinational observational studies from 48 institutions including Canada, Finland, Israel and Sweden showed that the proportion of children receiving self-injection significantly increased during the 12 to 18 weeks of use of novo pen Ariel, and the proportion of children suffering from missed injection and problems in use generally declined. More than 97 percent of patients and physicians reported that their memory function was easier to grasp. The matching stylus skin sticker can help children and adolescent patients to distinguish different injection devices accurately, which not only improves the medication compliance of children patients, but also effectively reduces the risk of drug misuse.

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