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Company news about Defects in the insulin hypothesis

Defects in the insulin hypothesis


Latest company news about Defects in the insulin hypothesis

The insulin hypothesis has many mysteries. A low-carb diet works by lowering insulin, which makes it easier to absorb calories and harder to break down fat. So, eating a low-carbon diet can start to make us thinner and healthier by lowering insulin. But it's not just blood sugar that affects insulin.



On the whole, blood glucose only contributes 23% compared with insulin, and the protein will produce secretion of intestinal secretion during digestion, which will also stimulate insulin secretion, accounting for 10%. The reason for the rise in insulin, which is up 67% or so, is unclear, and is often referred to by doctors as "fitness". Of course, processed foods with a high glycemic index are definitely not good for you. Eating foods with a high glycemic index, which causes a rapid rise in insulin, is also the key to obesity. As for eating meat, although the protein itself will not make blood sugar rise, but it will cause insulin secretion; Whey protein or red meat, in particular, can cause insulin to spike. So, you can choose eggs, deep-sea fish or chicken and other clean sources of protein.



It's not just insulin, there are other hormones in the body that affect our weight.



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