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Company news about For a new type of pen injection of recombinant human growth hormone

For a new type of pen injection of recombinant human growth hormone


Latest company news about For a new type of pen injection of recombinant human growth hormone

Purpose: to insist on the use of recombinant human growth hormone (r - HGH) on the growth of the growth disorders and other results is essential, but the requirements of daily injections means ease of use is an important factor. This study evaluated the r - HGH reusable pen injector (pen type equipment) prototype of ease of use and functionality, it is a combination of several advanced features.


Participants and methods: in five countries conducted semi-structured 60 minutes qualitative interviews, including 57 health care professionals (HCP) and 30 patients with GH deficiency/nursing staff, provide patients (including children) with r -HGH. HCP must be responsible for training r - the use of HGH pen device, and a month to see 4 r - or HGH/nursing patient. Patients/nursing personnel must have the r - HGH to the experience of the medicine for at least six months.


Results: 37 (65%) of HCP will pen device described as "simple" or "easy" is used. Aluminum body are generally considered attractive, high quality and comfortable stay and operations. Preparation and use easy to make it suitable for children and adults. If the input is not correct, the dial back to r - the ability of HGH dose is considered to be one of the major benefits, because the other equipment need multiple user steps to reset. Patients/nursing staff feel pen device is easy to use, and make sure they have given injections of feedback functions full dose. HCP overall, 40 (70%) and 16 (52%) patients/nursing personnel may recommend or require the use of pen type equipment. In addition, patients/nursing staff will pen type equipment evaluation is higher than its current reusable pens, and almost equal to leading disposable equipment, in order to study, preparation,


Conclusion: prototype pen equipment successfully realized its design goals, and HCP/nursing staff and patients because of its ease of use, appearance and function is widely accepted.

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