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Company news about Health care: Insulin market patterns shift

Health care: Insulin market patterns shift


Latest company news about Health care: Insulin market patterns shift

  Recently, the industrial research department of chuancai securities research institute organized the research of medical industry experts, and the conclusions are as follows:

  The experts’ viewpoint is insulin market patterns shift, the sales growth of three generations insulin is more than two generations. From 2012 to 2016, two generations insulin market shares is been eroded by three generation insulin every year, sales growth from 62% drop to 48%. The appear of three generations insulin is one of important causes of two generations insulin’s sales down. The experts show, two generations insulin ‘s sales growth still not as good as three generations insulin in2017. In recent years, the promotion of three generations insulin ‘s sales benefit from increasing new user group and high added value, upstream and downstream manufacturers tend to choose three generations insulin and achieve higher profits, because it has hope to repeat the high growth stage of two generations insulin.

  Insulin product barrier higher, foreign corporations take a big share of market. High research and development difficulty, high production requirements, scarce precision production instruments and complex production techniques make it difficult for new enterprises to produce insulin on a large scale.

Tonghuadongbao(600867,Stocks), Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly and Company etc. corporations as main manufacturers of produce insulin products, main layout is traditional medical treatment market. As the channel gradually sinks, new suppliers place more emphasis on the distribution of community medicine outlets. The differentiation between leading enterprises and emerging competitors makes it difficult to break the market pattern. Due to lack of professional promotion and local user base, foreign companies are weak in marketing and publicity. But with advanced technology and patents, foreign companies still play a leading role in the market.

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