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Company news about How should insulin be stored

How should insulin be stored


Latest company news about How should insulin be stored

Diabetics control their blood sugar by injecting insulin, and the insulin pen is a common device for injecting insulin. So, how to save the insulin pen and pen refill?


How does insulin pen keep


No matter whether insulin is loaded into the injection pen, the pen refill should be kept at room temperature, and the pen refill should be placed in the packaging box as far as possible, avoid direct sunlight, and avoid exposure to dust, dirt or liquid. The in-use insulin pen and its internal refill should not be put in the refrigerator, or the alternation of hot and cold will damage the insulin pen, reduce the overall usability and sensitivity, and cause mechanical failure. In addition, it may also lead to insulin leakage or air infusion, which will not only affect the injection dose, but also cause cross-contamination and cause safety risks.


Preservation of insulin pen refill: if the pen refill is unsealed, it can be stored at room temperature for 30 days. Insulin products at room temperature are more stable, easier to mix, and make insulin injection more comfortable, while repeated changes in temperature will affect the efficacy of insulin. Summer is the travel peak, so when diabetic patients go out, do not take the insulin pen, pen refill and small ice bag with the luggage, so as to avoid li yi and lost or because the temperature of the consignment warehouse is too low to lead to insulin denaturation. Also do not leave insulin in the car, because the summer car temperature is extremely high, easy to denature.

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