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Company news about How to carry out reasonable maintenance of sewage pump

How to carry out reasonable maintenance of sewage pump


Latest company news about How to carry out reasonable maintenance of sewage pump

In fact, if there is a fault in the process of using the sewage pump, the first thing is to stop using it. First, check the source of the fault of the equipment. After you have checked out the basic situation, you will need to solve the problem by yourself. If you do not know how to repair, you need to contact the manufacturer of the equipment or find professional maintenance personnel with technical skills for maintenance. Next, I would like to introduce you a little bit of simple maintenance knowledge of sewage pump.

How to remove the stainless steel sewage pump



1.Generally speaking, the first thing to do if you want to repair this thing is to learn to disassemble it.



2. When disassembly, be careful and follow the steps from outside to inside. Remove the external protective shell first, and then slowly dismantle the inside.



How to repair the sewage pump



1. When the disassembly is completed, the maintenance should be started, and attention should be paid to comparing with the original structure drawing of this thing and carefully comparing it bit by bit.



2. Don't be in a hurry to disassemble and repair the fault when it is found in the specific place, and check whether it can be moved around before the repair is carried out.

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