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Company news about How to use insulin pen?

How to use insulin pen?


Latest company news about How to use insulin pen?

Many diabetics are accustomed to sticking needles in one place when injecting insulin, forming hyperplasia of fat. After that, they will not feel any pain if they inject insulin again. In fact, insulin absorption and blood sugar control are greatly affected. The latest "prevalence rate of lipid hyperplasia and risk factors for insulin injection in Chinese diabetic patients" showed that the prevalence rate of lipid hyperplasia was as high as 53.0%. Compared with patients without hyperlipidemia, these patients needed 11 more units of insulin per day and consumed more insulin.



The correct method of injection is to rotate the injection site in large areas to avoid fat hyperplasia and help insulin to absorb better. Standard rotation of injection sites includes: rotation between different injection sites -- rotation between the abdomen, arms, thighs and buttocks; Rotate the area within the same injection site - remove about 1 finger width from the last injection site for the next injection. Try to avoid reusing the same injection site within a month. Once the injection site is found to be painful, depressed, hard, and other phenomena, it should be avoided immediately until the above phenomenon disappeared.


Beware of these pitfalls when using insulin pens


There are several points that patients should pay special attention to when injecting insulin pens. First of all, you should determine the time of meal before the injection. Make sure to inject 30 to 45 minutes before the injection. Prepare alcohol wipes, needles, insulin pens and insulin. Note that the pens and insulin must be produced by the same manufacturer to avoid mismatches. Again, check the insulin dose. Carefully check the appearance of insulin. The medium or long acting insulin or the premixed 50/50 and 70/30 insulin are all balanced suspension, which will be milk-like after gently shaking. If there is sediment on the bottom of the bottle, or if there is a layer of frost on the wall, the drug can no longer be used.


Second, patients should choose the appropriate body area for injection. Commonly used insulin-injection sites include the outside of the upper arm, the abdomen, the outside of the thigh, and the buttocks. Each injection site can be divided into several injection areas, with 2 square centimeters as one injection area. The site of each injection should be rotated, rather than several times in an injection area. The abdomen is the preferred site for insulin injection, and the insulin absorption rate can reach 100%. Abdominal absorption is faster and subcutaneous tissue is thicker, reducing the risk of injection into the muscle layer.



Again, you must check for adequate insulin before each injection. When injecting, gently pinch the skin of the injection site with the left hand, and directly plunge the needle into the skin with the insulin pen in the right hand, and then push the drug solution. After the injection is completed, remove the thumb from the dose knob, hold the needle under the skin for more than 10 seconds, then pull out the needle and press the eye with a dry cotton swab for more than 3 minutes. After the injection is completed, the insulin pen should be covered with an inner needle cap, and the needle should be removed. The discarded needle should be discarded and the cap should be put back on.


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