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Company news about Insulin, grasp the good time

Insulin, grasp the good time


Latest company news about Insulin, grasp the good time

Pre-dinner injection: current clinical use conventional insulin is one of the six polymers, after subcutaneous injection should be separated into monomer can be absorbed into the bloodstream, after work take about 30 minutes. In order to synchronize the peak of insulin and blood sugar, shall be injected before the meal.


After dinner injection: short-acting insulin analogue injection without separation into a process of monomer, absorb quickly, work time is short. A meal without injection in advance, must eat immediately after injection, otherwise may appear low blood sugar.


Postprandial injections: insulin intensive treatment of type 1 sugar, when low blood sugar before meal, at 2.8 ~ 3.9Millimoles /L, can change in postprandial insulin injections, appropriate eat more at the same time.


Insulin injection before sleeping: intermediate-acting or long-acting insulin, treatment is more conform to the law of physiological insulin secretion. Use short-acting insulin control postprandial blood sugar before meals, before going to bed should be used in effect or long-acting insulin gene recombinant insulin, maintain basic insulin levels in the night, it can effectively inhibit the liver glucose production, reduce adipose decompose, keep blood sugar stable at night, avoid dawn high blood sugar.

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