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Company news about Insulin injection revolution -- syringe without needle

Insulin injection revolution -- syringe without needle


Latest company news about Insulin injection revolution -- syringe without needle

As is known to all, insulin needs to be injected subcutaneously. Since there is the word "injection", it means that it is a "technical activity". The early injection of insulin must be done in a hospital, which is extracted by medical staff with a syringe and injected under the skin of diabetic patients.


Then came the insulin pen and the latest needle-free syringe. The word "needle-free" is very exciting. What a wonderful experience it is not to have to be pricked with a needle! But will someone ask, "no needles" means "no pain"?


Insulin needle - less syringe (also known as insulin needle - less injection system) is a pressure injection equipment. Needle-free syringes are divided into power devices, including spring mechanical power, CO2 gas power and electric power. Divided according to ampoule capacity, there are three specifications of 0.3ml, 0.5ml and 1.0ml.


A needle-free syringe USES a pressure source to form a spray of water aimed at the skin, which passes through the epidermal cells at high speed in the form of a "liquid needle" and reaches the subcortex to complete the injection. This kind of jet flow is extremely fast (150-200m/s), and the micro hole at the front of the ampoule is only 0.17mm, and the medicine liquid is very fine. Generally speaking, the stimulation to the nerve endings is very small, so the sense of pain should also be at a low value.


Compared with insulin injected subcutaneously with a needle, the "cluster" of drug solution formed subcutaneously with a needle-free insulin syringe is more dispersed and more dispersive, which is more conducive to absorption.



In addition, syringes without needles have the following advantages:



Pros 1: low pain



In other words, needle-free syringes have an absolute advantage in these areas, which is good news for people with needle-phobia. But that does not mean that no pain no needle injection, most users pointed out that the pain and injection needle injection for the first time, and is associated with the injection site, basic painless abdominal injection, choose other parts or the same "no needle" at the injection site does not rotate, it could appear red or purple.


Advantage two: hypodermic adipose hyperplasia and induration are little



Long-term use of insulin injector or insulin pen patients, will eventually get its accessories "paunch", which is caused by subcutaneous fat hyperplasia, and subcutaneous induration is more common. Unless we can do every injection to change the needle, and choose a reasonable rotation of injection location.


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