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Company news about Insulin is a double-edged sword.

Insulin is a double-edged sword.


Latest company news about Insulin is a double-edged sword.

Downside 1: hypoglycemia response


Insulin is used to treat diabetes. After injection, the blood glucose level in the body will be lowered. If the patient fails to eat or takes a lot of exercise after insulin injection, the body fat content of the patient will cause the hypoglycemia reaction. The main symptoms of hypoglycemia in the body are dizziness, palpitation, hunger, severe symptoms, and possible fainting.


Drawback 2: edema


Diabetes at the beginning when using insulin some part patient can appear edema, this kind of situation is mostly appear in 4 to 6 days after insulin injections, mainly because of insulin has the effect of water sodium retention, initially in patients with insulin injections did not adapt to the role and so may appear edema.


Downside 3: allergic reactions


Diabetes can also have an allergic reaction after insulin injection, which is rare because doctors do a skin test before insulin injection, which reduces the risk of the disease. It can also cause blurred vision, which is rare and can be repaired without too much worry or treatment.

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