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Company news about Insulin pen needles should be changed one at a time

Insulin pen needles should be changed one at a time


Latest company news about Insulin pen needles should be changed one at a time

  Developing diabetes is not scary, and early detection and standard treatment are especially important. In the "standard, begin from specification injection" - China diabetes specification injection week activities, Nanjing hospital of Nanjing military region, director of endocrinology professor Wangjian has repeatedly stressed that blood glucose control and insulin right have a vital role in diabetes treatment, "a lot of insufficient understanding of the dangers of disease in diabetic patients, failed to choose the right treatment. This not only brings the patient health harm, but also causes the whole family, and even the whole society to bear the heavy economic burden.

  Wangjian says many patients have mistaken ideas about insulin injections for fear of pain and trouble. In fact, insulin injection pens and needles now work well to alleviate these problems. Patients with insulin pen is easy to operate, more easy to learn to use, and the current widespread use of 4 mm or 5 mm Ultrafine and Ultrashort needles almost no pain during injection, injection of skin, in most cases without picked one hand operation, this convenient in diabetic patients at the same time, also make the injection is more safe and comfortable, objectively to improve diabetes patient adherence and standardize.

  "But more than ninety percent by insulin injections of diabetic patients failed to grasp the correct injection technology, which will directly affect the patient's blood sugar success rate", professor Wang on the event to remind the general patients, "the pen needle injection, for example, currently on the market with insulin pen needles and insulin syringe is in accordance with the standards of the disposable use, design and manufacture of insulin injections, should guarantee the insulin pen with needles and syringes change one at a time. Currently, only 10 percent of patients use new needles every time, and more than 30 percent of patients reuse needles 10 or more times. Repeated use can affect the accuracy of insulin doses and lead to subcutaneous fat hyperplasia and hardening, which affects insulin absorption and results in poor blood sugar control.

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