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Company news about Insulin use is fastidious,storage is ineffectual

Insulin use is fastidious,storage is ineffectual


Latest company news about Insulin use is fastidious,storage is ineffectual

  According to IDF newly released the diabetes map was assessed, all over the world has 382 million adults have diabetes in 2013. There is 5.1 million people died of diabetes, this means diabetes kills an average person every six seconds. China is first position in the top 10 countries and regions. The top 10 countries and regions, the people of diabetics up to 98.4 million. As one of the most effective drug to control blood sugar – insulin, it has been widely used all over the world. But for insulin use and storage common sense, many people have larger error.

  The experts point out: insulin treatment is important way to control blood sugar. Tape 1 diabetic need reply insulin to maintain life, also must use insulin to control blood sugar to reduce risks of diabetes complications. Tape 2 diabetic Because oral hypoglycemic drugs are not enough to control blood sugar or there are contraindications of oral drug use, insulin is still needed to control hyperglycemia to eliminate the hyperglycemic symptoms of diabetes and reduce the risk of diabetes complications. At some times, especially if the course is longer, insulin treatment maybe the most main, even it is necessary way to control blood sugar. 

   For insulin storage, many diabetics have error. Because insulin is a protein, so the most suitable temperature is 2℃~8℃. After bottled insulin is opened(removed with a syringe), it can be in refrigerator (2 ℃ ~ 8 ℃) 1 ~ 3 months, take insulin out of the refrigerator before injection and leave it at room temperature for 20 minutes. Insulin lead in before use, should be stored in the 2 ℃ ~ 8 ℃ environment, once installed on the pen (are using insulin cartridge) should be stored at room temperature, can't again placed in the refrigerator, and must be finished in a month. Insulin is afraid of heat and cannot be exposed to direct sunlight even in winter, lest it fail. Insulin can't be checked in baggage, but it can be packed in a thermostatic case and taken on board. Because the temperature of airplane luggage cabin is not controllable, if the temperature is too low, insulin may freeze and lose its effect. Insulin preparations that have been frozen can no longer be used after thawing.

   Experts also note that a significant number of diabetics think that once they take insulin, they become addicted, have lifelong dependence, which makes it difficult to quit, limits their lifestyle, and worry that type 2 diabetes will become dependent. Some even compare insulin to drugs, thus refusing insulin treatment. This is an important misunderstanding of insulin. Insulin is a hormone of people body, diabetes because insulin production is low, it cannot meet the body's normal needs, so insulin supplementation is the most appropriate treatment for human physiological needs. Insulin supplementation cannot produce dependent, it's not addictive. Diabetic regardless of use which treatment, lifestyle must be regular. Only this, it can control diabetes well and improve life quality.

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