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Company news about List of the TOP10 global medical device companies in 2018

List of the TOP10 global medical device companies in 2018


Latest company news about List of the TOP10 global medical device companies in 2018

  Medical device industry is an important and rapidly developing branch of life science industry, this industry company produce and sell various medical device products, such as diagnosis, surgical instruments, wheelchair and heart devices, these products widely used in hospitals and other medical facilities. Although at present this industry has a big pressure, but global market for medical devices is still growing. Many medical device firms has been made technological progress, and exponential growth. According to the report of medical market research institute Kalorama Information, global medical deice market currently at $389 billion, it is expected to reach $483.8 billoin by 2022.

  1. Medtronic

   Medtronic is the global leader of medical technology , service and treatment area, total income of the company in 2017 reached $29.7 billion. Medtronic medical equipment mainly marked as four operations: heart and blood vessel business ($10.498 billion,3%), minimally invasive treatment ($9.119 billion,4%), restorative therapy($8.166 billion, 2%), diabetes($1.927 billion,3%).

  2、DePuy Synthes

   DePuy Synthes is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, an American pharmaceutical giant, produce various medical devices, total income of the company in 2017 is $26.6 billion, up 5.9% from 2016, main market include: treatment($9.559 billion, 2.8% ), plastic surgery($9.258 billion, -0.8%), vision care($4.063 billion, 45.9%).

   3. Fresenius

    Fresenius is the largest global medical equipment corporation of the area of chronic kidney diseases, for more than 320,000 patients worldwide provide dialysis products and services. The company has been the leader of global dialysis market, the total income in 2017 is $20.9 billion, up 7% form last year, mainly due to high sales of dialyzers and other dialysis products, and the acquisition of Cura Day hospital in April 2017 extended the network to about 40 outpatient facilities in Australia.

   4.Philips Healthcare

   This is the medical technology subsidiary of multinational technology company Philips. The sales of it in 2017 is €17.8 billion, up 2% form last year, main business include: personal health(€7.31 billion, 3%), diagnostic and therapeutic service(€6.891 billion, 3%), internet medicine and health information(€3.163 billion,0%).

   5. GE medicine

   GE medicine is health-care arm of GE, the sales in 2017 has developed strong growth, ensure its position of global fifth medical device company. The sales of it in 2017 is $20.4 billion, up 6% from last year. Revenue growth was driven largely by higher sales in the us, Europe and emerging markets, particularly China and the Middle East.

   6. Siemens Healthcare

   Siemens Healthcare is one of the largest health technology supplier in the global medical area, concentrate on provide medical technology and software solutions. The total income in 2017 is $14.2 billion, up 2% from the last year. This is largely due to expansion in markets such as Latin America and Asia and further stability in China.

   7. Cardinal Health

   Cardinal Health is a comprehensive multinational health-care corporation, it provides drugs and medical, surgical and laboratory products for medical institutions. Cardinal Health has two main business departments: pharmaceuticals company(distribution of branded, generic, specialty, over-the –counter health care and consumer products) and medical department(distribution of Cardinal branded, surgical, laboratory products). The sales of medical department in 2017 is $13.5 billion, up 9% from the last year.

   8. Stryker

   Stryker is a medical equipment company based in the United States, focused on plastic surgery, medsurg, neural technology and the spine. The company posted strong growth in 2017, at the same time, it achieve d a major milestone with sales of more than $12 billion. The total income in 2017 is $12.4 billion, up 9.9% from the last year.  

   9. BD medicine

  The headquarter of BD medicine in New Jersey, USA, the business activity includes medical institutions, life science researcher, clinical laboratory, pharmaceuticals industry and development, manufacture and marketing of medical supplies, equipment, laboratory equipment and diagnostic products used by the general public. In 2017, the total income of BD medicine is$12.1 billion, down 3.1% from the last year, mainly due to the spin-off of respiratory solutions business. 


   Baxter is a multinational medical equipment company that the headquarter in United States, it has wide basic medical health-care products, include but azonic: acute and chronic dialysis, sterile intravenous solutions, infusion systems and equipment, parenteral nutrition treatment, rest anaesthesia, general injection, surgical hemostasis and sealant products, etc. The total income in 2017 is $10.6 billion, up 4% from the last year.  

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