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“Memory” Insulin pen

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“Memory” Insulin pen
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  In Chinese diabetics, about 10%-20% patients are using insulin treatment. For this one who got tens of millions, daily diabetes management often get a problem - Did I just get insulin? According to a surveyIn china, 83% patients who use insulin treatment have this doubt. Novo 5, a new generation of durable insulin injection devices owned by Novo Nordisk, is available in China recently. The largest characteristic of the new pen increases easy to use memorial function, can display information about the last insulin injection, let the problem to solve. This is the “memory” insulin pen that listing in China.

  Zoudajin, a professor in Shanghai Changhai hospital, pointed out that patients often find themselves in a dilemma when they do not know whether they have used insulin or not -- if they do not use insulin, their blood sugar control may be poor because of missed injections. If injected, the result may be more severe hypoglycemia as a result of repeated injections. Mild to moderate hypoglycemia attack will social activities, sleep, housework and emotional health of patients were affected. Severe hypoglycemia significantly increased the risk of cardiovascular and death, a severe hypoglycemia or resulting cardiovascular event may negate the benefits of maintaining blood sugar in a normal range for a lifetime! The occurrence of hypoglycemia not only damages patients' body, but also affects their treatment confidence.

  A retrospective study of 133 insulin-treated type 2 diabetics found that 84 percent of patients were concerned about a severe hypoglycemia event. "Unremembered" conditions may increase the occurrence of hypoglycemia, which makes insulin users feel insecure, affecting their treatment compliance and self-management confidence.


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