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Company news about Reduced glycosylated hemoglobin, reduced mortality

Reduced glycosylated hemoglobin, reduced mortality


Latest company news about Reduced glycosylated hemoglobin, reduced mortality

Blood glucose is the key to the diagnosis of diabetes. For patients with type 2 diabetes, the treatment goal is to reduce the blood glucose level to an ideal range to reduce the incidence of chronic complications. Studies have shown that a few percent reduction in hba1c reduces the risk of death by about 20 percent, the risk of cardiovascular disease by about 15 percent, and even amputation or death from peripheral vascular disease by about 40 percent.



If hyperglycemia occurs but does not meet the diagnostic criteria, it is called pre-diabetes. At this time, lifestyle changes, exercise habits and diet control can be adopted to prevent the onset of diabetes. However, if the standard of treatment has been reached, the appropriate treatment should be selected according to the patient's situation, including the treatment of insulin.

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