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Company news about Reuse of needles has many risks

Reuse of needles has many risks


Latest company news about Reuse of needles has many risks

Based on the national epidemiological survey of diabetes in recent years, the estimated prevalence of diabetes among adults over 18 years old in China is about 10%. Professor Z pointed out that although the prevalence of diabetes in China is high, the rate of blood glucose compliance is low. Although there are many factors that affect blood glucose compliance, even patients who have been on insulin therapy for a few months have a blood glucose compliance rate of less than 40 percent. One of the important reasons is that patients do not have a good grasp of insulin injection technology, especially the phenomenon of repeated use of needles.


Diabetic patients injection current situation is not optimistic in our country, according to the survey, about more than ninety percent of the patients with diabetes exists the phenomenon of repeated use of disposable insulin needles, on average every needle reuse 9-10 times, more than 27% of the patients with repeated use 10 times, many patients due to three piece of much money a needle and repeated use. Other phenomena include irregular rotation of injection site, wrong manipulation during injection and insufficient education of patients. These problems affect the effect of insulin treatment, which leads to the substandard blood glucose control in some patients.


The expert points out, because inject not standard, the incidence rate of hypodermic adipose hyperplasia of diabetic patient is as high as 50% above, besides, still can bring about hypodermic adipose atrophy, ache, hypodermic yu blood and bleed wait for a problem.


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