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Company news about Sleep on the effects of insulin

Sleep on the effects of insulin


Latest company news about Sleep on the effects of insulin

Do you like to go to bed after a long week? If so, the good news: a new study has found that there may be more reason to play snooze button on a weekend.


The researchers measured the insulin response - a sign of diabetes risk - patients after they've got four days of sleep restriction can be used (about) designation for late hours, it is relative to the limit after sleep, insulin response (about eight hours a night). They found that 23% of sleep restriction is on a higher, the risk of diabetes compared with the sleep restriction.


This may be the effect of sleep deprivation on the brain cannot be reversed at the weekend, but those in hormone levels, such as insulin, is ok.


In order to help you catch some Z's, make your sleep environment is cool, dark and quiet. Please remember: not everything need to be done by going to bed.

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