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Company news about Standard injection of insulin remember 9 points

Standard injection of insulin remember 9 points


Latest company news about Standard injection of insulin remember 9 points

1. Overcome psychological barriers before insulin injection and wash hands before injection


2. Check the type of insulin and injection dose to ensure it is within the effective period


3. The insulin cartridge and pen should be matched and installed correctly


4. Premixed insulin should be well shaken


5. According to the patient's body shape, insulin type and physiological characteristics, choose the right length of the needle, install the needle and exhaust


6. Check your skin and disinfect it


7. Injection technology: site selection and rotation, pinching technique, injection Angle selection


8. After the injection, the needle should stay for at least 10 seconds before being pulled out


9. Destruction: screw on the outer needle cap, remove the needle and throw it into the sharp-tool box

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