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Company news about The advantages and disadvantages of insulin pump

The advantages and disadvantages of insulin pump


Latest company news about The advantages and disadvantages of insulin pump

The advantages of insulin pump 1. Reduce the frequency of severe hypoglycemia, if you don't stop using many hours continuous. 2.Don't need to insulin injection many times every day. 3.Injection accuracy is higher than artificial injection. 4.It can change longtime average blood sugar level. 5.It can stable blood sugar more effective, reduce the chance of blood sugar fluctuates dramatically. 6.It makes the time and quantity of eating more flexible. 7.It makes more easy and convenient for use large doses of insulin. 8.It aviod unpredictable consequences of insulin with medium and long effect. 9.Don't need to eat more carbohydrates before sports. The disadvantages of insulin pump 1.too expensive. 2.Will be fat. 3.The higher risk of diabetic ketoacidosis is mainly due to the failure of insulin delivery caused by the malfunction of insulin pump machine, the failure of the needle to be connected back in time, the knotting of infusion tube, the blocking of insulin, the temporary interruption of insulin pump, and other factors. 4.It maybe will craete an abscess or cellulitis at the site of injection 5.Due to need to take it all the time, will take unconvenient for life. 6.Need to receive long time training,can learn correct using way. 7.Need to spend long time and energy to be suitable for the exist and use of insulin pump.

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