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Company news about The right using way of insulin pump

The right using way of insulin pump


Latest company news about The right using way of insulin pump

  Insulin pump is a microcomputer power device with insulin-short acting insulin inside, it is the size of pager, it simulates the function of human islet oocytes to release insulin required by human body at any time. Because it replaces the pancreas, which is completely or mostly incapacitated in diabetics, insulin is delivered to the body according to the set instructions and time, helping diabetics keep their blood sugar at a more normal level. Mainly suitable for type 1 diabetes, people with diabetes type early Ⅱ treatment effect is very good also, the effect is not obvious to most Ⅱ diabetes people.

  If the dosage of insulin is not set enough, the blood glucose cannot be controlled within the ideal range, which will not achieve the purpose of treatment. If the dosage is too high, the hypoglycemia reaction will easily occur. Set before insulin injection quantity, therefore, should first by doctors, according to the needs of the patient and combined with clinical experience, determine the patients treated with insulin pump, a former daily total amount, with 80% as the use of insulin pump therapy after total, hereby again according to the treatment of the 50% of the total respectively as the base for the daily and add quantity, the remaining 20% as a temporary emergency adjust the dosage.

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