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Company news about The structure of the insulin pen

The structure of the insulin pen


Latest company news about The structure of the insulin pen

Insulin pen is a new generation of insulin injection tools. It is well known that insulin is injected into the body in a bottle, with a detoxifying and delicate syringe. After carefully inhaling a certain amount of insulin, it can be injected into the body. Now the medicine and syringe combined, shape like a pen, so called insulin pen.


The "pen" is actually a dose-adjusting and injection-inducing device, which can be injected with an ultrafine needle with little pain. The "ink" is a specially designed vial of insulin with an insulin concentration of 100 units per milliliter. In the application, as long as you adjust the dosage pin at the end of the pen to the unit number you need, prick the tip under the skin and press the dosage plug to complete the injection. There is no need to disinfect other than changing the needle. If an average of 15 units per day is injected, a bottle of the pen cartridge can be used for 20 days, and a new one can be replaced after use, while the pen can still be used.


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