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Company news about Three considerations for insulin injection

Three considerations for insulin injection


Latest company news about Three considerations for insulin injection

Before injection: shake premixed insulin well;


If premixed insulin is used, due to its suspension, it must be shaken well before use. Shake it up and down for more than 10 times and then inject it fully. Otherwise, the concentration inside may be uneven, affecting the concentration of insulin and thereby affecting the quality of hypoglycemic acid.


During injection: local skin should be kept clean and dry, and the injection speed should not be too fast;



The skin should be kept clean and dry during the use of insulin. If there are crusts or ulcerations in these parts of insulin injection, it is necessary to avoid these parts. Some patients find that after the injection, some insulin will be brought out at the tip of the needle, which should be noted. Generally speaking, in this case, the injection speed is too fast.


After the injection, the needle must be kept under the skin for more than 10 seconds, and the needle must be pulled out after the insulin is fully absorbed.

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