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Company news about Three points to note about insulin injection

Three points to note about insulin injection


Latest company news about Three points to note about insulin injection

Before injection: the premixed insulin should be shaken well;


If you use premixed insulin, since it is a suspension, you should be careful to shake it well, shake it up and down more than 10 times, and then inject it. Otherwise, the concentration of insulin may be unbalanced, affecting the concentration of insulin, thus affecting the quality of hypoglycemic.


Injection: local skin should be kept clean and dry, and the injection speed should not be too fast;



Keep local skin clean and dry during insulin use. If the areas where insulin is injected are hard or burst, avoid them. Some patients find that after the injection, they bring some insulin out of the tip of the needle. In general, what happens is that the infusion is too fast.


Make sure to stay under the skin for more than 10 seconds after the injection, and pull out the needle after the insulin is fully absorbed.

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