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Company news about Timing of insulin injection

Timing of insulin injection


Latest company news about Timing of insulin injection

Insulin therapy is not used only when the disease becomes serious. Doctors will decide whether to treat patients with insulin depending on their physical conditions. Some patients with the initial stage of diabetes may also be treated with insulin injection.


Initial treatment: in the early stage of the disease, if the oral drug fails to meet the treatment standard, insulin injection can be used to avoid complications. When the value of glycosylated hemoglobin and other factors return to the standard, the doctor will observe for 3-6 months to evaluate whether to cancel the insulin treatment and change back to the original oral drug treatment.


Supplementary treatment: usually, oral hypoglycemic drugs alone cannot reach the standard of blood glucose control, and doctors will prescribe two oral drugs for combined use. In addition, depending on the patient's condition, it may be possible to use long-acting insulin, which not only controls blood sugar, but also improves the function of the pancreas to make enough insulin. As in the case of the initial treatment, when the blood glucose control is up to standard, after 3-6 months of observation, the doctor will evaluate whether the insulin can be removed and only the oral medication can be used.


Alternative therapy: most patients with type 1 diabetes have poor pancreatic function and cannot produce insulin by themselves, so they need to be treated with insulin once they get sick. In type 2 diabetes, when the function of pancreatic cells is gradually impaired, insulin intervention is still necessary. However, according to the different conditions of each patient, the course of treatment is not the same, some patients may be subcutaneous injection twice a day, some patients may need 3-4 times.


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