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Company news about Tips for using insulin pen

Tips for using insulin pen


Latest company news about Tips for using insulin pen

1. Patients with thin body should consider using a 45-degree needle (31G*5mm or 32G*6mm needle can also be considered);



2. For the injection site, try to avoid two or more injections in the same place (about an area of 2*50px) within one month;



3, abdomen, and the lateral thigh take turns to inject, the round rest of the parts to appropriate hot compress, to avoid the appearance of sclerosing;



4. Do not inject in the area with induration;



5. Details of injection technique:



A. pinch the skin (the pressure on the hand should be appropriate but not too tight)



B. 45-degree needle insertion (generally fast forward is emphasized)



C. push the medicine (take it slowly)



D. Gradually and properly relax the pinched skin while pushing the medicine (this step is the key point, it should be noted that it is "gradually and properly relaxed", not just relaxed, nor completely released)



E, out of the needle (out of the needle is generally stressed out, even the experience is not necessary. It is important to note that the needle should be out along the opposite direction of the needle, do not move the needle, one is to avoid expanding the wound, two is to avoid the needle to break)

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