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Company news about Type and effect of insulin

Type and effect of insulin


Latest company news about Type and effect of insulin

First, rapid effect of insulin, quick effect, commonly used to rescue acute diabetes or rapidly reduce postprandial blood sugar. Second, premixed insulin, which is similar to insulin secreted by the human body, is used in type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients with poor outcomes after regular treatment, and is most used by individuals, but is more expensive. Third, long-acting insulin (zinc insulin, refined protein), can be used with short-acting insulin, hypoglycemic effect is also good, relatively cheap price. Fourth, insulin glargine is usually injected at around 9 PM with good results, which can be combined with acarbose, with good results in hypoglycemic effect and stable blood glucose after meals. But the price is more expensive.


In general, the second and fourth insulin's side effects are relatively minor and easy to control in normal use. Adverse reactions such as allergies, hypoglycemia, injection site atrophy, scar formation, infection and so on. Must pay attention to constantly fumble, overcomes its adverse reaction.

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