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Company news about Usage of insulin injection pen and related matters needing attention

Usage of insulin injection pen and related matters needing attention


Latest company news about Usage of insulin injection pen and related matters needing attention

In recent years, the use of insulin to treat diabetes has gradually increased, and many patients need insulin replacement therapy for a long term or even a lifetime. As an advanced insulin syringe, insulin injection pen is popular with patients because of its accurate dosage, simple operation and convenient carrying.

Therefore, please note the following points when injecting insulin:

1.Take care of your insulin

Insulin can't be tanned or frozen. Without opening it is the best way to store in 2 ~ 8 ℃ refrigerator. Insulin is also save the room temperature is 25 ℃ 4 ~ 6 weeks.
2.Understand the structure of insulin injection pen correctly, learn how to install insulin and needle correctly, and understand the working principle of insulin injection pen is driven by piston.

When replacing the pen core, rotate the piston in place counterclockwise by hand. The piston cannot be pushed back to the original position by force. Otherwise, the thread will be damaged easily and insulin injection cannot be pushed.

3.Injection site and matters needing attention

The injection site has hip, abdomen, upper arm outside, anterolateral thigh. The injection site cannot be changed frequently or injected at the same point frequently. Due to the different absorption speed of insulin in different parts, such as frequent replacement of parts, easy to lead to high or low blood sugar, large fluctuations. Repeated injection at the same site can cause insulin malabsorption and local tissue atrophy and harden. The injection site should be replaced regularly, and the spacing between the injection points should be about the width of two fingers. If there is a hard dent, go back to the hospital to consult doctors and nurses to deal with it in time.

4.Preparation of injection

Preparation of injection site and examination of insulin properties and pen properties. Turn the screw to 1 or 2 units to vent, and observe whether there is liquid discharge. If there is no liquid discharge repeatedly, you should take it back to the hospital for consultation with doctors and nurses.

5.The way of injection

Adjust the rotation and twist of the pen to the required unit scale. If you have poor eyesight, you can use the method of listening. For each adjustment of 1 unit, sound 1 time. Do not do strenuous activities after injection, and eat meals on time after 30min. If after the injection dizziness, palpitations, cold sweat and other hypoglycemia reaction when eating or eating sugar immediately, and back to the hospital for consultation.

6.Change injection needle

In principle, one needle should be replaced every day, and the needle should be covered with a protective cap after each injection to prevent contamination.

7. Store insulin injection pen

After each use and timely back into the box, the flat on a cool place, preferably in 2 ℃ ~ 8 ℃ freezer, avoid freezing and sun exposure. Insulin stores up to 30 days after opening.

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