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Company news about What are the advantages of using an electronic injection?

What are the advantages of using an electronic injection?


Latest company news about What are the advantages of using an electronic injection?

  With the change of life style, the prevalence rate of diabetes in China is as high as 9.7%. Even if it is the patient that used insulin, the glycemic index is only 37%, nine out of ten patients are not standard injection, injection technology is not in place is also one of the important reasons. Electronic pen injection modelling beautiful, feel is good, no repulsion, high-performance step motor automatic injection, do not need to manually push note, uniform and stable convenient, push rod pitch 0.4 mm, dose of high precision, large screen LCD backlight, large font display, poor eyesight, see clear, display in real time, every time the exhaust quantity of dosage form 0.5 U, save medicine, set dose automatic memory in chip, reduce the risk of error dose injection, injection delay for 6 seconds, after the completion of the remaining insufficient dosage and obstruction, battery, display and voice are, can be set more than one time, to remind the injection, avoid forgetting injection, repeated injections, The latest 42 injections can be viewed for time and dose, so it is convenient to trace the electronic and intelligent direction of medical devices. It can be seen that the function of the electronic injection pen far exceeds the mechanical pen.

  This shows that these electronic pens are much easier to use than traditional mechanical ones, this depends on our study of the injection pens, perfect its function, make it more convenient to use, especially convenient for the use of a lot of middle-aged and old friends, we believe that the electron injection pens in the future will be more and more popular, meet the demand of injection of diabetes mellitus, better convenient for all of us to take the injections of insulin.

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