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Company news about What are the mistakes of insulin injection

What are the mistakes of insulin injection


Latest company news about What are the mistakes of insulin injection

1. "insulin should not be used until the last stage of diabetes" : this is another extremely false rumor! Some patients wait until all drugs fail and complications reach the most advanced stage, but it is already too late, because the complications are irreversible, the quality of life is poor, the function of the pancreas islet is poor, and the effect of insulin treatment is not good.


2. Insulin injection every day is too painful to endure for a long time: when it comes to injection, you will think of the big needles in the injection room of the hospital. These needles are very long because they are used for intramuscular injection. By contrast, the insulin injection needle is much thinner, because you only need to inject insulin into the skin. And the insulin needle is coated with a coating that lubricates the needle and makes it easier for the needle to penetrate the skin. Most people don't actually feel pain when they take insulin. The unopened insulin can be stored at room temperature for 4 weeks, and the insulin injection pen is also very convenient to carry, which will not affect your various activities outside.

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