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Company news about What is Insulin pump ?

What is Insulin pump ?


Latest company news about What is Insulin pump ?

Insulin pump is BP machine in shape and size, a device that continuously transmits insulin to the body through a hose connected to the body. It simulates the physiological patterns of insulin secretion by the healthy pancreas. It's called "artificial pancreas." Inside is a storage device for short-acting or quick-acting insulin. Outside is a display screen and some buttons, which are used to set up the pump program. The sensitive drive motor slowly pushes the insulin through the catheter into the skin. The length of the infusion catheter varies and firmly connects the pump to the body.

1.Simulate physiological patterns of insulin secretion , control blood suger well, improve HbA1c level.

2.Use short-acting or quick-acting insulin , infusion of small doses in the same part . It overcomes the conventional injection method. Many people choose the abdomen as the site of insulin administration. It is easy to operate and the insulin absorption is stable. Also can choose hip, thigh outer part and arm deltoid muscle to wait for place.

An insulin pump consists of an insulin-filled reservoir (similar to a regular syringe), a small battery that drives the pump, and a computer chip that allows the user to accurately adjust insulin infusion, all contained in a plastic box the size of a pager.

The reservoirs carry insulin into the body through a thin plastic tube called an infusion line. The infusion line is 61cm or 107cm long with a steel or soft needle at the end from which insulin is injected. Steel needle and soft needle have advantage and disadvantage each, choose according to specific circumstance commonly.

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