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Company news about What kind of people are susceptible to diabetes

What kind of people are susceptible to diabetes


Latest company news about What kind of people are susceptible to diabetes

First of all, older people, people over 40, especially people who are overweight, should be careful about getting diabetes. The survey found that more than half of people over the age of 50 are diabetic or prediabetic.


Secondly, people with a family history of diabetes need regular physical examination if one of their parents, children, siblings, aunts, aunts, uncles and Cousins has diabetes, especially more than one diabetic patient.


There are also women who have given birth to giant babies (in this case, babies weighing more than 4kg) and who have gestational diabetes. If there is no timely intervention after birth, more than a third will progress to diabetes.


The other is some of the more affluent people. The current measures are body mass index and waist circumference. Formula can be used: body mass index = weight (kg)/height (m) 2, more than 24 is overweight, more than 28 is obese. If overweight above body type, male waist circumference exceeds 90cm, female waist circumference exceeds 85cm to call central sex fat. Such people also have a much higher risk of developing diabetes.


The last one is the metabolic syndrome, which is concerned now. It refers to a person who has a variety of metabolic abnormalities. Generally speaking, there are seven kinds of high blood glucose, high blood pressure, high blood fat, high body weight, including overweight and obesity, high uric acid and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, all of which can lead to increased blood viscosity, hyperinsulinemia -- insulin resistance, and thus more prone to atherosclerosis. If three of these seven are high, we can say that they are metabolic syndrome. Such people are at high risk of diabetes even if their blood sugar is not high.

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