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Company news about Where insulin is injected?

Where insulin is injected?


Latest company news about Where insulin is injected?

The area around the belly button is a restricted area for insulin subcutaneous injection. This is mainly the area around the navel where the abdominal wall is the thinnest. There is no subcutaneous fat and the blood vessels are very rich. However, many patients still use the area around the belly button as a common injection site in the actual injection, which is very dangerous.


The abdominal area is large, easy to inject, is insulin subcutaneous injection site. But even in the abdomen, insulin uptake is different. Generally speaking, the upper abdomen is absorbed faster than the lower abdomen, so the injection site should be selected roughly the same in the same period of time, so that the blood glucose stability is better.


In addition to the abdomen, insulin can be injected under the skin in the upper arm, outer thigh and buttocks. Different parts of the body absorb insulin at different speeds, with the abdomen being the most rapid, while the outer hip and thigh are slower. Different injection sites can be selected according to the insulin dosage form injected. If short-acting or quick-acting insulin is injected before a meal, subcutaneous injection should be adopted as far as possible, so as to accelerate the absorption of the drug and effectively reduce the blood glucose after a meal.


Conclusion: a healthy body must be well maintained, this article said these people should pay more attention. Insulin is an essential hormone of the human body, and our normal people are also insulin to participate in the regulation of blood sugar, without side effects. In addition, if long-term insulin injection is not provided with adequate nutrition, it will easily lead to anemia in diabetic patients.

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