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DXCZ-001 Continuous Glucose Monitor Displays Glucose Levels and Trends Every 5 minutes Up To 72 Hours
  • DXCZ-001 Continuous Glucose Monitor Displays Glucose Levels and  Trends Every 5 minutes Up To 72 Hours

DXCZ-001 Continuous Glucose Monitor Displays Glucose Levels and Trends Every 5 minutes Up To 72 Hours

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Delfu
Certification CFDA
Model Number DXCZ-001
Product Details
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continuous glucose monitoring device


continuous glucose monitoring system

Product Description

DXCZ-001 Continuous Glucose Monitor Displays Glucose Levels and  Trends Every 5 minutes Up To 72 Hours


Quick Detail:


  • Delfu Continuous Glucose Monitor System(CGMS), a wireless transmitter sends information from a glucose sensor to a monitor, provides glucose control data and helpful alerts, helps clinicians to make therapy recommendations and treatment decisions for their patients.

    Delfu CGM features as follows:

  • Transmits sensor measured glucose levels every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, for up to 72 hours continuously.
  • Real time records and displays glucose value and trend graphs.
  • High and low glucose alerts to help patients take proactive control.
  • Downloadable glucose data histories from the device into Delfu CGM software, provides information analyzed by the healthcare professionals making treatment decision.
  • Threshhold range:40-400mg/Dl(2.2~22.2 mmol/l.
  • Combined with insulin pump to deliver precise amounts of rapid-acting insulin.

  DXCZ-001 Continuous Glucose Monitor Displays Glucose Levels and  Trends Every 5 minutes Up To 72 Hours 0DXCZ-001 Continuous Glucose Monitor Displays Glucose Levels and  Trends Every 5 minutes Up To 72 Hours 1



  1. Delfu  Glucose Transmitter
  • Connects with Glucose sensors MMT-7002C, which inserted under the skin, measures glucose levels continuously, transmits updated glucose values every 5 minutes for up to 72 hours.
  • Fingersticks are required to calibrate the glucose sensors, fingerstick testing along with CGM provides far more accurate information than fingerstick testing alone.
  • 24 hours continuous glucose monitor(CGM) can not miss vital data points.
  • Wireless connected to Delfu Glucose Monitor, records glycemic variability, sends to monitor, real time displays glucose data with trends graphs.
  • Transmitter maintains 3 hours data in case disconnected to the monitor to avoid data loss.


  1. Glucose Monitor
  • Real-time displays current glucose value and trend graphs, so patients can have a complete look at his glucose patterns and self-manage his diabetes quickly.
  • Takes readings every 5 minutes 24 hour a day, providing a more accurate understanding of glucose readings then infrequent BG meter readings.
  • Records 12 data per hour, 288 data per day, maintains up to 14 days history measurements information.
  • Measurements records can be downloaded into PC Delfu CGM software for data management, analysis and diagnose.
  • The range of 3 meters away between monitor and transmitter has no impacts to data transmitting, 3 hours durable at this extreme case.
  • Strong magnetic environment might interfere data transmitting.
  • Easy to use menu navigation.


  1. CGM Alarms

Delfu CGM helps patients receive frequent updates on their glucose levels and warnings of lows and highs, as wells below cases:

  • The monitor suspends data for up to 10 minutes continuously.
  • The sensor suspends or expired.
  • Monitoring Memory is full, usually alerts at 10 days monitoring, stops receive data at 14 days, reminds download data.


  1. CGM Trend information
  • Trend arrows show the direction and rate of glucose changes, enabling preventive action.
  • Trend information allows users to address fluctuation in glucose levers, which can impact the development of long-term diabetes complications, such as eye, nerve, kidney and heart disease.
  • Trend graphs reveal the effects of diet, exercise, insulin and medication on glucose levels.
  • CGM works with Delfu software for patient management and analysis.




Delfu  CGM can benefit a wide range of patents with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, provides helpful tools for clinicians to take proactive controls for diabetic.





Deccription Delfu CGM
Safety BF
Anti feed IPX0
Work Mode Continuous
Monitor Rated Voltage 3.7VDC
Monitor Battery 3.7VDC /1200mA Lithium-ion battery
Transimtter Rated Voltage 3.0VDC
Transimtter Battery CR2032 / 3V Li-Mn battery
Download Port USB
Comminication Frequency 2.4G
Wireless Range Max 5 meters
Threshold Range 40~400 mg / dl (2.2~22.2 mmol / l)
Accuracy <5.6 mmol / l (100 mg/dl ), SD< 0.42 mmol / l (7.5 mg / dl)
≥5.6 mmol / l (100 mg/dl ), CV< 7.5%
Errors ≤4.2 mmol / l (75 mg/dl ), errors less ± 0.83 mmol / l (15 mg / dl)
>4.2 mmol / l (100 mg/dl ), errors less ± 20%
Alarm Mode Displays / Audible / Vibration
Working Ambient Temperature:5℃~40℃
Atmospheric pressure:70.0 kPa~106.0 kPa
Storage Ambient Temperature: -20℃~55℃



Competitive Advantage:


  • Delfu CGM provides patients with more complete information than fingersticks, they can receive frequent updates glucose levels and warnings and lows and highs.
  • Improves the outcome of patients using intensive insulin therapy.
  • Significant reduction in duration of hypoglycemic events.
  • Real time feedbacks to facilitate immediate decision making to improve glucose control and treatment effects.
  • Worn on belt, in pocket or under clothing, convenient for patient’s easy lifestyle.


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